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BCH Developer Unveils Xthinner Scaling Protocol – Claims to Compress Blocks by 99%

On Sunday, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer Jonathan Toomim unveiled a project he’s been working on called Xthinner, a new block propagation protocol that ...

Bitcoin cash price: biggest gains of all top cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency markets find themselves in a rather interesting position as of right now. Bitcoin is close to$7,200 and Ethereum is bound to surpass $300 sooner or later. Even so, it is the Bitcoin Cash price which has more people excited, primarily thanks to its strong 24-hour gains.

Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Milestone Complete: 32MB and New Features

The Bitcoin Cash network has officially upgraded the blockchain protocol at approximately 1:54 EDT by extending the current block size fourfold from 8MB to...

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Hello , How may i contact Bitcoincash CEO to get it listed on our exchange ? kindly advise . Thank you.

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Venezuelan BCH Proponents Bolster Cryptocurrency Use Cases and Adoption - Bitcoin News

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BCH Developers Hold Open Livestream to Discuss May 2019 Hard Fork

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Bigger blocks, cheaper and faster transactions, that means we don’t need titan sized miners like Bitmain!
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Anyone is able to share a good, safe & fast way to exchange BTC to BCH ?
Thanks !


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