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19 November, 2018

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3 days 2 hours ago

Would you buy a plane ticket without knowing the price? http://bit.ly/FlyPayments


3 days 18 hours ago

“It is exciting to see innovative Asian banks like CIMB taking advantage of Ripple’s #blockchain technology to not only get ahead of competition, but also providing real value to their customers in the region through differentiated payments services.” -Emi Yoshikawa at #M2020China


3 days 22 hours ago

Siam Commercial Bank CTO Colin Dinn explained how in building a faster, more affordable remittance corridors with Ripple, the bank also found a partner in pioneering new services — the bank recently unveiled a new “multi-hop” feature where the bank serves as a regional clearing partner to others on the RippleNet network. http://bit.ly/SwellRecapSCB

Siam Commercial Bank's Colin Dinn discusses how they improved consumer remittance services for migrant workers in Japan sending money home to Thailand and wh...


4 days 18 hours ago

CIMB’s innovative Speedsend solution, now coupled with Ripple’s #blockchain technology, is providing customers with improved access to cross-border remittances across the globe.

CIMB Group Joins RippleNet to Power Instant Payments Across ASEAN | Ripple


5 days 13 hours ago

Day 3 of #SGFinTechFest is in full swing, with provocative dialogue about #blockchain and digital assets in payments, on and off stage. Don’t miss your last chance to connect with team Ripple at meeting area 2L2R!


6 days 18 hours ago

At #SGFinTechFest, IMF’s Ross Leckow and Ripple's Brad Garlinghouse agree regulatory clarity for digital assets, and market opportunity in ASEAN, offer huge advantages for financial institutions in the region.

Blockchain and Digital Asset Use in ASEAN: CEO Brad Garlinghouse in Convo with IMF’s Ross Leckow at Singapore Fintech Festival | Ripple


6 days 19 hours ago

SBI Ripple Asia demoed MoneyTap, a real-time payments app powered by Ripple, at #SGFinTechFest and discussed how it helps Japan go cashless. More on MoneyTap: http://bit.ly/MoneyTapApp


1 week 4 days ago

Would you get on a flight without knowing your arrival time? http://bit.ly/FlyPayments


1 week 5 days ago

Leaders from Remitr, IDT Corporation, Financiera Cuallix, Bittrex and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union discussed their use of digital assets for settlement. Watch this lively panel moderated by Kanchan Kumar at #SwellByRipple and see key highlights here:

The 800 Pound Gorilla: Digital Asset Adoption | Ripple

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